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Brandy Schuenemann, textile artist

Brandy Schuenemann is a textile artist primarily working with pins, nails, and thread to sculpt intricate designs with depth and texture. Inspired by the artistic properties of lines, angles, and layers, the artist transforms the laws of mathematics to reveal its perfection and poetry. Tying together architecture and sculpture, Brandy discovers her distinguished position among the fine arts. 

Commissioned work includes a 10' by 5' colorful representation of the Austin 360 Pennyback Bridge, currently displayed at the Staybridge Hotel lobby in Austin, Texas. Another piece, located in Houston, Texas captures the city's love for art and, as the proud home of NASA, is designed after the Houston Space Shuttle incorporating lights within the layers of thread to create additional depth and visual interest.

Non-commissioned exhibits include String Art Meets Street Art, Lockhart Unraveled, and Tangled Around the Square. The artist's work can be found in local galleries and online.