Brandy Schuenemann | String Art
Textile Artist

brandy schuenemann

— Brandy Schuenemann is a textile artist with a predilection for perfection, geometry, and creating 3D images with string.


Brandy Schuenemann

Textile art is the use of fibers to create art. This practice, rich with history, dates back to the beginning of civilization, and later, came to symbolize the feminist art movement of the 1970s. Textiles filled with color and pattern spoke of the political ideology of women’s liberation. Although art critics resisted, fiber art gained prestige and position among the fine arts.

This category of fine art falls somewhere between architecture and sculpture, and allows for deeper depth and texture than traditional illustration on paper. As with other non-traditional mediums, the fiber materials used to create textile art contain within themselves their own art. From unrelenting straight lines to chaotic tangles, string provides a deep well of artistic creativity.

In my work, I try to allow the materials to create chaos and order naturally. Through experimenting with a variety of fiber blends, anchors, and platforms, I discover how each holds its own unique aesthetic quality, strength, and tendency for unruliness or structure.

Understanding that less is often more, and how limiting resources can inspire innovation and creativity, I also enjoy challenging myself by using minimal colors, nails, or angles. Creating a piece using a single spool of thread, refusing to cut or interrupt its flow from beginning to end, is a constant source of personal satisfaction for me.

For me, the creative process unlocks a hidden puzzle within an image or shape, unraveling the inner workings of the original artist or architect, following their creative path while understanding and admiring their intuitive decisions. Fascinated with patterns, I’m rarely disappointed in nature’s aptitude for fractals, angles and design; finding art in geometry, and beauty in straight lines.

For most of my career, I’ve balanced a day job with creative work, consistently increasing my footprint in the fine art community and garnering the attention of art curators and galleries. Often commissioned for very specific projects, it’s been a pleasure to be able to focus on my own personal work this summer, growing artistically and supporting my local art community.

As the new season approaches, I am excited to start working on newly commissioned projects that should take me into the new year and encourage me to develop professionally.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for additional commissioned project possibilities.

Thank you for your support to the artist community.

You love it.